NVT Data Modeler
Still think data model is essential for information systems? Do not rely on ORM and design data model yourself? Would you like to boost your productivity?

Try NVT Data Modeler. Data modeling functions you are used to designed with love. Save your time and just enjoy working.
NVT Data Modeler
NVT Data Modeler is data modeling tool. Nothing but the necessary. You can easily find what you need. Smartly designed interface allows faster creating and adjusting data model. Due to unique metadata storing technology model may include not limited number of folders, tables and diagrams. With name search, following link from JIRA, following referential integrity, forward and reverse engineering, comparing the model to database and other means of model control you will surely meet the deadline.
NVT Data Modeler is simple solution for complex tasks
In NVT Data Modeler there are no concept and logic models. We've been designing information systems for more than 20 years and we can make it with just physical data model adding logic names for each object: naming thing for table and view, naming attributes for table field.
Logic names compliment physical data model
With NVT Data Modeler you can connect with one or more instances of database. You can see set of tables for each instance, compare the model to a certain database instance, add tables to the model from database instance(Reverse Engineering), compare certain tables, get a script to install changes in database instance.
Tight integrity with database
NVT Data Modeler is able to create DDL scripts not only in compare mode. You can create DDL script containing all model changes that you have made in local copy of repository until you upload changes in CVS.
Create DDL scripts on the result of model changes
Technical characteristics
Operation system
Oracle (in progress MS SQL, Postgre SQL, MySQL)
Import metadata from
Erwin, SQL Developer Data Modeler, Oracle database

Control version system integration
SVN, Git and other CVS supporting SCC API (by Microsoft)
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